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your sched/triggered/tasker/IFTTT events
What I do for announcements / chimes:

I have three speaker zones which are connected to the elk three speaker outputs. The outputs are run through the "Normally Closed" side of three relays.

I save a variable in the variable driver which includes the names of "active" zones.

I change the names of "active" zones by various ways, click on web page, time of day, IFTTT, etc.

The audio output of my cqc machine runs through the "Normally Open" side of the above three relays.

All my "chimes" run through a global act with two parameters, 1=what I want to chime, 2=any zones I want to override.

The Global Act turns on the relay (20 sec) for any zones that are either "active" or "overridden". Then plays the chime.

Also: I have the volume of the Elk speakers set to very loud. But normal Elk announcements don't need to be loud. So I have where the Elk connects to the relay, I also have a resister between "Normally Closed" and common. That way, when I want the Elk to make an announcement at a lower volume, activating the relay also gives me a lower volume through the resister.
My Other web server is Dropbox.

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your sched/triggered/tasker/IFTTT events - by IVB - 09-20-2015, 11:32 PM
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