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your sched/triggered/tasker/IFTTT events
here are some of mine. as always they are a work in progress. i have been conversing with the wife about getting an Elk, which might be on my todo list in the near future and will hopefully bring reliability and the ability to do more with sensors.


turning light on in kids room (via Tap) after sunset and before sunrise only turns the light on RED at 35% unless using emergency scene
there is no way to turn your partners night stand light on after sunset unless using emergency scene
sunset +15 turns on evening scene, evening scene ramps down towards 9:30PM
5:15AM nightstand light ramps up over the course of 15 minutes (this was a bitch).
no motion for 300s turn off lights (specific rooms, i dont have a lot of motion yet)
motion going up stairs turns on stairway/landing lights for 60s (flaky)
using Tap to turn lights on manually will turn them on at particular dim levels depending on time of day
i try to keep a consistent luminance level on main floor through day
i try to keep lights (when on) matched color temp to time of day


bloom in LR on and off with presence unless part of scene (rarely)
when bloom off, turn on 'Away' scene and lock door BUT if door open, dont do any of that (super flaky, lock barely works)
nest Away mode turn on Away scene


play local radio tunein station in morning for weather/traffic/music
TTS using edcast/icecast reminders for taking out garbage and recycling weekly


if door/window sensors are open, turn off Nest
keep Nest pseudo-synced to outdoor temperature, if high > 75 put target temp to 75, if high > 80 put target temp to 74, if high > 85 put target temp to 72, if high >90 put target temp to 70. this experiment went horribly wrong, culminating in a $600 electric bill. wheeeee!
do the needful ...
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your sched/triggered/tasker/IFTTT events - by IVB - 09-20-2015, 11:32 PM
your sched/triggered/tasker/IFTTT events - by jkmonroe - 09-21-2015, 07:41 AM

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