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your sched/triggered/tasker/IFTTT events
Decided to scrub my entire event list down to just what I use. This is my remaining list. There's a few automated lighting ones I need to re-build with my new sensors, plus I think I might add some based on temperature in/out of house.

Wondering what y'all do.

Child Safety
When (kid with Android) gets home and phone connects to home WiFi, phone auto-texts me plus informs HA server she’s home.
When (kid with Android) leaves home and phone disconnects from home WiFi, phone auto-texts me plus informs HA server
When (kid with Android) gets within 100m of school as per GPS, phone auto-texts me plus informs HA server she’s at school
When (kid with Android) leaves 100m of school as per GPS, phone auto-texts me plus informs HA server she’s left

Security System:
Upon set to ArmedAway, text me + turn off all lights/stereos/etc (HA Server)
Upon set to ArmedStay, text me + turn off bedroom/other lights (HA Server)
Upon set to Disarmed, text me + set HVAC=71 in winter (HA Server)
Upon Burglar Alarm, text me + flash lights, blare music (HA Server)
At 8am turn on chime (sound if a door/window is opened) (Elk security panel)
At 9pm turn off chime (Elk security panel)
If water leak/flooding in basement, text me (Elk security panel)

Presence Detection
If security system says no motion in a room for (x) mins, turn off lights (HA Server)

Power Savings
If LivRm stereo turned off, turn off TV
Every night at 3am, turn off lights, stereos, TVs
At sunrise, turn off outdoor lights

Automated Lighting:
If doggy door closed, turn off backyard lights
On motion in crawlspace, turn on basement light

Phone only events:
When placed in car cellphone dock (NFC Chip), start up CarHome app and text-to-speech all inbound SMS or Hangout messages
When at work (GPS), put in vibrate mode, turn off WiFi
When near home, disable WiFi

online monitoring events
if kid posts on instagram, email me
if i’m tagged on a FB photo, save a copy to google drive
add fitbit daily steps to GDrive
add fitbit weight to GDrive
Some of my devices: Sonos, Aeotec zWave, Nest, Rain8Net, Various H/T
What's next: CQC-Voice, Brultech GEM
My vlogs:

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