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Cleaning my electronic laden house!
Hi: Have a bunch of items taking up space that needs a good home. Trying here for a week then off to ebay (lawsondl). I've sold a few items here in the past with I'm sure good feedback. I was going to build a house, but purchased existing so had to alter my av plans a bit. Still got what I wanted but to had to alter the plan, thus much of these items are available. I got good deals on most of this so not looking to make money, just break even for CQC folks.

Proficient Audio C-870. Pair of kevlar 8" LCR ceiling speakers. These are new inbox. Never used. $185 b/o plus shipping (will quote by zip).

Proficient Audio C-645. Pair of kevlar 6.25" ceiling speakers. These are new inbox. Never used. $100 b/o plus shipping.

AudioControl Director Model 46. This is a bullet proof whole house audio controller (will interface with any audio distribution amp). It's a 4 input 6 zone matrix switcher. I wrote a CQC PDL driver for this (available for free). I don't know why I bought two of these used, but keeping the other and selling this for $60 b/o plus shipping.

Emotiva UMC-1 pre/pro in mint condition with 2 years transferable warranty remaining. Asking $325 best offer plus shipping.

Emotiva Generation 3 pre/pro 40% off upgrade card. Asking $375 b/o. Would be worth $800 off the XMC-1 pre/pro. I couldn't wait until they came out and went elsewhere. It's shipping now.

I will update this thread with status and add items as I dig through my stuff. NC homes do not have the storage space of WI!


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Cleaning my electronic laden house! - by Bugman - 02-16-2015, 02:18 PM
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Cleaning my electronic laden house! - by Bugman - 02-18-2015, 02:47 PM

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