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Controlling Insteon Scene Controller buttons
SomeWhatLost Wrote:you may need to set up a bunch of scenes in the isy...
I haven't really tried anything that fancy, I just do an all on or all off...
but now that you mention it, your way seems much cooler... I may have to try something like that...
It was super easy to setup the scenes in the ISY software... All I did was select new scene, name it and then select the devices I wanted to control. When you select the device you want to control you select the scene you want it in, and then select controller or responder... Since I want it to control I selected controller for each device (just like the instruction say to do). Once they are in the scene you just tell it to write to the devices and it is done.

BTW... I also found out it is much easier to link switches ie. for a 3 way with the software than to do it the manual way. I did all my linking, and then made a folder for each floor, and a sub folder for each location, and moved the devices to where they need to be.
tia, Ron

My HT equipment I want to control by CQC (some day hopefully)
Yamaha CX-A5100, Dune HD pro 4k, Dune HD Pro 4k plus, ISY 994i, LG 86" 4k FP, and a projector in the future

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Controlling Insteon Scene Controller buttons - by ellisr63 - 10-14-2014, 10:30 AM

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