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Version 4.5 Room Configuration/Media Meta Data
OK, I got the image download stuff working with the ids instead. So those are now:

          CQCGW:Moniker CDATA #REQUIRED
          CQCGW:MType (Music | Movie) #REQUIRED
          CQCGW:Size (Sml | Lrg) 'Sml'

<!ATTLIST CQCGW:QueryMediaRendArt
          CQCGW:Size (Sml | Lrg) 'Sml'
          CQCGW:Moniker CDATA #REQUIRED>

          CQCGW:Result (Failed | NoChanges | NewData) #REQUIRED
          CQCGW:SID CDATA ''
          CQCGW:Type (PNG | JPEG | BMP | Unknown) #REQUIRED>

You can still query current art from renderers (QuerymediaRendArt), but the old repo art query is now replaced by QueryMediaArt.

You provide the UID and the size specific id (empty if querying it for the first time, i.e. not just checking for changes but haven't gotten this image yet), so ignore what I said above about removing those size specific ids, you do need them because that lets me know if the image has changed since you asked last time you checked it or not. The UID lets me look up the overall image, and the size specific id will change if the image has changed.

In some repos, as I mentioned, the size specific ones are just the main UID with a size indicator added, or maybe not even that just the same ID, because both images are created from the same one, so if one changed they both changed. But in others, where there are separate thumbs and large art that be loaded, the ids can be different. You indicate media type and image size type as well.

The reply now has a Result value and, if doing the QueryMediaArt call and there is new data, you will get back the new size specific id which you can store away in your image cache for later use if you query the image again. If querying renderer art, the SID is not used in the reply message.

The Result value indicates if no image was found or it couldn't be loaded, or it was found but it's not changed since you last asked, or there is now data and a new SID being returned.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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