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Control Garage door via z-wave and CQC?
This is an old thread, but thought I would post what I use/do for my garage door (LiftMaster 8550W). I tried the myQ app, but it is cloud based and after two years of use, I started having "phantom" openings at random times. After clearing out myQ, resetting/removing all garage door remote controls, and re-adding my remotes, the "phantom" operations ceased.

In addition to dumping myQ, I wanted a more robust and useful way of integrating my garage door with CQC.

==========  ZWAVE INSTALL METHOD ========== 

Supply List

MIMOLite Module (ZWave)

Overhead Door Mount Contact Sensor

LiftMaster Remote Control

GE Outdoor Smart Plug

  • The garage door opener itself is plugged in to the GE Outdoor Smart Plug which is then plugged in to the receptacle in the ceiling.┬áYou could use a regular ZWave receptacle, but I had an extra┬áGE Outdoor Smart Plug in my "junk box".┬áThe┬áThis allows me to turn off or to turn off┬áthe garage door during certain scenarios (e.g., I┬áarm my alarm for "Night Mode/Instant On" before going to bed. When the arm the┬áalarm in this mode, the power to the garage door opener is turned off. When I disarm the alarm, power is restored)

  • Install Overhead Door Mount Contact Sensor and run the wire to the garage door opener. This sensor is just like the one you have installed if you have an alarm system but is separate from that sensor
[Image: Screen-Shot-2019-08-01-at-11-50-08.jpg]
  • After you run the wire to the garage door you will install the wire (white wire with green/black conductors┬áin photo)┬áin the MIMOLite Module's input signal
  • Inside of my garage door opener, I spliced the MIMOLite Module power┬á(black wire with red/black conductors┬áin photo)┬áinto the garage door┬ápower source
  • Open up the LiftMaster Remote Control and locate one of the microswitch's. It will have four contacts. Determine which two contacts trigger the remote. Once you have done this, solder one wire to each of these two contacts. In the photo, I used a green and black wire. I drilled a small hole to pass the wires. I then velcro'd the remote to the┬áMIMOLite Module which is, itself, velcro'd to the garage door unit
  • Plug the green/black wire pair into the┬ádry contact relay output of the┬áMIMOLite Module

[Image: Screen-Shot-2019-08-01-at-11-49-57.jpg]
  • At this point you are done. The┬áOverhead Door Mount Contact Sensor will provide open/close status in to the┬áMIMOLite Module
  • Once Dean updates the next release with ZWave support for the┬áMIMOLite Module, you will be able to get status of┬áOverhead Door Mount Contact (open or closed) as well as to activate the dry contact relay to open and to close the door via the Remote Control
==========  ALTERNATE INSTALL METHOD ========== 

If you do not want to use ZWave, then you can use this method, which is a bit more expensive because you will need to two Global Cache devices: an IP2IR module and an TCP/IP to Contact Closure (Relay).

What I like about the ITach series from Global Cache is that they have a wired and wireless version for each device, and the wired devices are PoE. You could use the below set up with wireless devices to control a fence gate on a long driveway, etc.

Supply List

Global Cache IP2IR Module 

Global Cache ITach Contact Closure Sensor Cable

Global Cache iTach TCP/IP to Contact Closure (Relay)

Overhead Door Mount Contact Sensor

LiftMaster Remote Control
  • Connect the┬áOverhead Door Mount Contact Sensor wires to the┬áGlobal Cache ITach Contact Closure Sensor Cable and then plug the┬áITach Contact Closure Sensor Cable into the┬áIP2IR Module. This will provide you with the open/close state of the garage door

  • Follow the same steps, above, to install the green/black wire pair into the LiftMaster Remote Control. Then, connect these wires to the┬á┬áiTach TCP/IP to Contact Closure (Relay). This will allow you to open and to close the garage door via the remote control. You could also use the┬áiTach TCP/IP to Contact Closure (Relay) in conjunction with a relay module┬áto turn on and to turn off the garage door unit itself vice using the zwave plug.
  • You can now set up the Global Cache devices in CQC

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