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Windows Phone Support
I was going to try Team Viewer as I was using LogMeIn when it was free. I'm not sure of other options outside of those two for remote access. However, it seems CQC users setup Windows RDP so I'd recommend posting a question in CQC Support forum about what people use for RDP. My phone came withPC Remote Pro but I haven't used it yet.

By the way, related to Android, if you're primary usage is business, I'd recommend you stick with Windows Phone. I was very disappointed by the notifications and email quality. I had this huge screen with the Galaxy Note 3 yet I couldn't get reliable notifications on the lock screen. And my company requires a pin for security but all of the lock screen utilities couldn't handle security so I had essentially two lock screens to go through to get to my phone. And then I couldn't get reliable notifications in other apps in the Android interface. Finally, the email apps available aren't that great, especially compared to WinPhone and iOS. In my mind it feels like Android is a loose collection of apps while Windows Phone is a cohesive system, but that is just my impression after having used Android the last two weeks of February.

And I just bought Super Calendar and like it so far. Also bought Awesome Lock to add weather and other info to my lock screen.

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