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Semantic Field Types
<please don't post here. This is an informational thread. There is another thread in this forum area for discussion of the information represented here. We want to keep this thread clean for reference purposes. Once this information is well worked out, it will be moved into the appropriate formal technical documents.>

Much of the standardization of devices doesn't necessarily have to be at the level of a formal interface for each device. A lot of the flexibility that accrues from standardization can be gotten purely from each field being marked as having a specific 'semantic' type, i.e. what it means in terms of it's usage by the user and what it does or the information it provides, not a definition of its data type, limits, etc..., though each semantic type will defintely require specific types and reactions.

Any field can be marked by a driver with a semantic field type, and driver writers are very much encouraged to do so, though they MUST strictly follow the guidelines set forth here, else their use of the semantic type is not only of no use, it's actually detrimental. For the most part it is not difficult to meet the requirements, since those requirements are typically based on what would be the most common choices(s) a driver writer would make anyway.

Note that there are multiple purpose for semantic field types, so there are multiple reasons why you would mark them, and sometimes a single field will be marked for multiple reasons.
  • In some cases the field type provides a hint as to appropriate graphical representation or input mechanism. E.g. if selecting fields for a slider widget, obviously semantic types that have a representation that is displayable and/or manipulable by a slider would be the ones presented.
  • Sometimes it's the other way around, where you select a specific semantic field type and a graphical representation of the appropriate type is automatically selected for you.
  • There may be situations where calculations related to a specific type of information are being done, and so CQC may wish to only present those fields of that sort, such as perhaps humidity fields.
  • It is not the case that the semantic field type provides a highly detailed indication of type. For example, a ColCookie type obviously indicates a field holding a collection cookie, but it doesn't say what particularly that cookie is. It could be the collection of a currently playing song, a collection being previewed before playback, etc... So some are more targeted than others.

The rest of this thread documents each semantic field type, though some have no well defined meaning yet and another thread will be created for discussion of these types and how to tighten them up and improve understanding of the requirements.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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