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Using CQC Repo from an Old Installation
I'm in the process of rebuilding everything from scratch. I had a motherboard failure of my server and I've given up finding a solution. So I'm starting over with a HTPC I already have. Since I was on a pre 3.0 version and all the templates need a full overhaul, it made sense to just start with the 4.x version as a new install.

So my questions is can I use the old CQC Repo on this new installation? I have a back up of the entire CQCRepo folder (and all subfolders) which contain basically all our the music and movies so it would safe tons of time to not have to rebuild the repo.

Before I just try it, I thought I'd post the question here.


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Using CQC Repo from an Old Installation - by klindy - 12-27-2011, 07:44 PM

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