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Maximite - anyone considered one?
Greetings to all those I have not forumed with for a while.

Unfortunately I have been away from active CQCing for a while (although my system still chugs away nicely every day) working hard to pay the bills.

However in my travels I have come across, and gotten involved somewhat with a little device called a Maximite, which I thought might have an application with CQC.

Essentially this device is a little computer that runs basic, and is designed to be like a easy to use intelligent embedded device. However it will run standalone as you can plug a keyboard and monitor directly into it ad read and write files to a SD memory card. It has lots of real world interfacing options and more are being developed by various parties. Another benefit is both the hardware and software are open source.

I kind of see it in the same sort of role as the Elk, where it provides hardware interfacing to whatever you want, and then talks back to CQC via the normal driver arrangement.

The advantages I see are it is completely programmable (in fact it does nothing unless it is) and there is a growing list of add on boards (of which I am a part of) for interfacing into all sorts of hardware.

I’m really not doing the device justice with my brief description, but more information can be found at these links.

The way I see it working is to have a CML driver that is sort of universal, and probably generates fields based on information it receives from the Maximite. The maximite has the CQC communications code already written to talk to CQC via serial (or ethernet with one of my add on boards) and the user then adds their own specific code to talk to whatever real world object they wish, as well as doing any sort of logic as well.

Anyway, its just a thought and I would be interested to hear what others think.


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