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ZoomPlayer navigation keys and TCP commands
gfredricks Wrote:I played with autohotkey in the past, and it's not really the right solution for controlling the navigation, so I ended up creating a new CML driver. It connects to ZoomPlayer and has the navigation functions I needed, as well as a general purpose field to allow any of the additional commands they support to be sent. Works like a champ, so far.

Note that I now have TWO drivers connected simultaneously to Zoom Player; mine, plus the standard CQC driver. Anyone see problems with this?

I hope not, since I finally have my RTI remote sending serial messages to a custom CML serial driver, which then triggers a macro to translate them (based on system status) into the appropriate driver commands. :-)


Good deal. I use Zoomplayer too and it works great. My server is being rebuilt at the moment building a 20 drive hotswap server because Blu-Ray takes up so much room. I would like to give your driver a whirl if you are sharing, once I am back up again.


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ZoomPlayer navigation keys and TCP commands - by jpants - 01-13-2011, 11:01 AM

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