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Help needed with Virtual Box IV Client Implementation
Hi All,

I am working on a CQC system which is almost complete. I am using iPad's as my client and after much testing and trying different deployment methods (CQC Client, RDP etc) I have settled on running Windows XP virtual machines under Oracles Virtual Box and using Splashtop Remote as my "RDP" access from the iPad's.

Now that I have made the decision, I have set up 4 instances of XP with Splashtop access and all is working VERY well. Only problem I am having is when installing the latest Beta (24) on the virtual machines I cannot seem to get them to connect to my main server (during the "test" connection phase of installation it fails). I have tried naming the local machine (MEDIA SERVER), I have tried naming the IP of the server (, I have even set up all the port forwarding and named the DynDns external address, all with no luck.

To fill in, all the virtual machines are set up with Bridged network connection so they all have thier own IP address' on the same subnet.

Anyone ?? Everything has worked so well so far, and now I've hit a roadblock.

BTW, thank you to everyone on this forum, the active user input, template examples etc. is the reason I have gone the CQC route instead of CommandFusion (who's forum sucks).

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Help needed with Virtual Box IV Client Implementation - by ukbjorn2000 - 10-26-2010, 01:06 PM

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