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A thought about the first user experience
Just have to get this off my chest.
I have been a long time CQC user, but now I am installing from scratch.
At the end of the installation process, it asks for a password.
Then it says "The Admin user has been created" and some other wording.
Then you go to login the Administrative client, and you are presented with a user password dialog box
What user name? You have to download the manuals to find out that it is called 'Admin' with a capital A.
That is really offputting for a newbie, and it should not have to be this way. [ Ok now I am an oldie, and I knew this]
But so you are in the administrative client, and you make some new users. But nowhere can you input a password.
Then you exit and restart the administrative client, but I cannot use my new username, since I do not know the password.
I have spent about 10min on this, but I cannot find by exploring the administrative program how to set the password ( I can reset it, and it says the password is reset, but I do not know to what it is reset )
So time to break out the manuals again. [ And this time I had to search the forums]
Answer the new password is called "Welcome"
In order to change it, you have to log in as the new user, and then you can change your password (but alas not to the empty string.)
Dean, you mentioned the frustration of new users to learn a home automation program.... I think this one qualifies as such! A
And there really is no need for this.
-> during setup, you could ask for a username and password, or you could say that you have created a user called "Admin" with the supplied password.
-> in the administrative program, you could have the user supply an initial password for newly created users (or allow blank)

On with the show

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A thought about the first user experience - by scott - 08-03-2010, 12:00 AM

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