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Example Media Type Code Needed ASAP...
I have a media browser (CQC repo) set up to display available music from the CQC Repo and available movies from MyMovies. I have also set up buttons on the main template to switch between music and movies. What I'm attempting to do is an OnSelectCollection load a new popup. If the OnSelectCollection comes from music, I want a specific popup to appear that shows the preview info and has transpot control over the CQC audio player. If it comes from movies, I want it load a popup with preview and TheaterTek transport controls. I'm just not sure how (and probably need example code to dissect) to load different popups based on the media type. I tried associating a GVar with the buttons that switch between the two types. If you select music, it sets the CAB and the GVar to Music. If you select movies, it sets the CAB and the GVar to movies. The I tried to place a if GVar = Music, load this template else load that template but, it always loads the Music popup and the RTV is wrong for the Movie popup. ANy help available this fine morning?
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Example Media Type Code Needed ASAP... - by AnthonyZ - 07-17-2009, 10:42 AM

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