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Anyone make/sell templetes as cool as these that would work with CQC
zaccari Wrote:Take a look at the Crestron templates. The Tungston has a black rectangle in the middle. This is to display video from a feed such as a previewing capability. I know I'd like to use it to select sources and to view what's on a particular device. It totally wowed me when I first saw a Crestron setup. It was new and wiz-bang for them at the time. You can't argue the fact that it just isn't a feature that is hard to be impressed from in a home system. I know the systems we have at work support it and it still makes me a bit envious. I've looked for web widgets to do it in CQC but I haven't found anything yet. I fear that the response of a web widget just won't get it done anyway.

We have several pro installations that bring security camera, video conference, and other feeds onto a CQC template using the html widget. They have a simple ntsc video server (like one from BlueNote, or Axis, etc. just google 'ntsc video server') that converts either composite or s-video to perfectly acceptable html previews (they typically use an ActiveX control in the browser). If you look at the CQC thread on Integration Pros there is a screenshot of a 3x3 'hollywood squares' preview.
Mark Stega

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Anyone make/sell templetes as cool as these that would work with CQC - by Mark Stega - 11-02-2008, 03:52 AM

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