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Looking for opinions on video distribution
I am at the point of adding video distibution to my system. So far I have CQC, and Nuvo Concerto. I would like to get some advice on the video part.

I was looking seriously at the Audio Authority AVATrix

I like it because it is all in one solution. I definately need the process to go over Cat5 because that is how I wired the house. It also must support HD.

However I do not see a driver to support it, and in fact do not see any under development. Anyone interested in writing a driver for this? :-)

I do see drivers for Autopatch and Extron, so I have been looking on Ebay. I have not found any Autopatch items and only a couple of Extron that I think would work. One is an Exton Crosspoint 300 8x8. Currently it is at $305 with over a day to go. What would be a reasonable cost for this unit, since I know nothing about them?

There is also a "Crosspoint Plus 84". I believe that tells me is it 8 input and 4 output, and so if that is the case it would not do. Also it has a Buy cost of $1300 which seems high for an 8x4.

If I were to get an Extron or Autopatch, is there a recomendation on the extenders / baluns to use. I've seen prices from 150 to 400.

Any input or experiences are greatly welcomed.

George M

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Looking for opinions on video distribution - by George M - 04-27-2008, 08:47 AM

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