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Easy Playlists in J River Media Center

Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you. I haven't used this much, so I had to sit back down and try everything from scratch.

Initially the find/replace didn't work for me either. Then I saw that in the dialog box for find/replace, there is a button for "More" options. There you have to check the box that says "Use Wildcards". After that, the find/replace works.

When you tack the playlist XML file onto the end of your main XML file, be sure to only copy the stuff that is between the <item> tags. There are two lines at the top of the playlist file and one line at the bottom that should not be copied. The playlist file then get placed at the end of your XML file, right before the final </MPL> tag. Take a look at the files, it's hard to describe, but pretty clear when looking at them.

Otherwise everything seems to work as described. Also, if you change the text in the <genre> field to "playlist" for example, you will have a separate category for all of your playlists.

hope this helps,


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