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Please help me understand how the CQC controller can work
I am still working on having CQC control my hardware devices. I'm almost done and I've been starting to think about how to do things like browse my music/DVD collections etc with CQC.

At the moment my primary controller is a pocket PC but, on the system I'm using at the moment (not CQC) I have the pocket PC display music/DVD collections etc and I can make my selections from there. However, I also have the ability to browse my media collections from my primary display - an InFocus IN76 projector if it's on. Obviously there will be times when I just want to listen to music without having the projector on, and having the PPC display the collection allows me to do that. When it comes to selecting movies though, I find it's much nicer to have the projector display the movie collection. If I use the PPC to display the "next page" the next page of movies is displayed on the projector, and the PPC is the device used to do this, and also to select which movie to watch. This way everything is 'in sync' but it makes it easier to see what's been selected and either go ahead, or return and make a new selection - especially when I have a larger group of people over.

Now it's only just occurred to me that CQC might not operate this way at all. It might be that all collections - music/DVDs and others can only be browsed on the main controller - which might explain why so many CQC users here choose controllers larger than a PPC.

So my question is - with CQC, is it possible to browse your media on both your display device and your controller simultaneously - as I've just described? What are most people doing to control/browse their media?

I'm committed to continuing my CQC build whatever method is used, but if the 'preferred method' of browsing is solely by using the controller, then I will seriously have to look at getting a controller with more 'real estate'.

Any information/suggestions are appreciated! :-)

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Please help me understand how the CQC controller can work - by Roscoe62 - 03-26-2007, 05:04 PM

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