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An Idea - CQC as Front End for Home Assistant
Because of the decline in CQC and I have a of of devices that are now not connected to CQC and I need to integrate somehow, I was unfortunately forced to look at Home Assistant.

Things like Tuya, Modbus, and many other mainstream integrations exist in HA that we really should have had in CQC.

People talk about how great it is, but honestly, CQC is far better with only the lack of drivers being its biggest issue right now.

So this got me thinking, HA has an API, so if we could build a driver for CQC to talk to HA, we could then use CQC as a graphical front end to HA, and this could breath some new life into CQC.

Keep all the drivers there, so something not in HA can be covered in CQC, and just add the HA drivers and auto import all fields from HA.

Any thoughts on this as an idea - I am still learning HA (2 days into it), and I still prefer my CQC by a long way so far.

Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home

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An Idea - CQC as Front End for Home Assistant - by znelbok - 04-26-2022, 01:49 PM

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