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Curious About Usage Post Public Domain
I use CQC via Alexa daily to control lights, security, irrigation, and other general automation.  My wife gave a veto on wall mounted touch screens, so most everything is done through triggered events, timed events, or voice commands.

For future development, it would be nice to have a generic driver for serial and ip devices.  For instance, I use Hue Lighting and understand how to group lights and set scenes, but the driver included does not accommodate these features.  I'm not confident I could write, or in this case, edit the driver, but certainly can setup a serial connection and send commands to accomplish what I need.  Same for controlling other various equipment like TV's, Amps, Projectors, etc.

I share the same concerns regarding adoption and continued use/development.  Is there a guide on driver development, or can the community even generate new drivers?  What is the latest on revision control, etc?  Sorry I saw a lot of material from Dean about this going open source, but I don't frequent the site enough to even understand the current state of things.  Like others, I hope he is doing well.  I know he poured a lot of his time into this creation.

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RE: Curious About Usage Post Public Domain - by jokermac - 09-10-2021, 11:47 AM

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