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Curious About Usage Post Public Domain
Nice to see a poll/life on the forum!

Still Using the latest version Daily for a ton of things. My system hasn't changed a lot over the last few years but I do typically do 1 or 2 smallish projects, tweaks or additions a couple times per year. This year I finally connected our doorbell for events/actions via CQC which has been fun (different sounds) and helpful to have. We were away for 3 months and it kept the lawn growing nicely and sent me daily reports of various status items in the house!

I'd say maybe 40% of what it's doing is autonomous via scheduled/triggered events (Lighting, irrigation, reminders, HVAC), 40% interaction via 3 in wall touchscreens, 10% via RDP interface to full IV on phone/tablets and 10% using triggers from HTTP/Google Home.

I hope things will continue on even if at a much slower pace.  I plan to keep using CQC for a long time to come.  I do still check into the forums all though less frequently at present.  My next project I think may be hooking in some power monitoring.  I have wanted to do that for a long time but has always fallen down the list.  Not even sure if a person can get those coils/Brultech devices any longer that would work with CQC.
-Mike G

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RE: Curious About Usage Post Public Domain - by Shaky - 09-07-2021, 04:28 PM

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