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Z-Wave Device List

What Z-Wave devices do you already have definitions for in the driver?  Specifically door/window sensors aka contact sensors. 

As you know currently I'm running a mostly Insteon setup with ISY (any chance of getting a few updates???) and all of my current motion and contact sensors are Insteon.  This works great but as I transition to RadioRA 2 that leaves with less dual-band Insteon devices for the open/close sensors to work with.  Also once this migration is complete I won't have any Insteon devices left but I will have Z-Wave thermostat's left.  So I need to know what the options are for contact sensors.

Ultimate goal is to install an ELK panel and use that for contact sensors (wireless) for interior doors used with automations.  I'm looking for a middle-ground in-between solution and as I already have Z-Wave devices that are not being replaced anytime soon I can use Z-Wave.

I figured it best to find out what sensors the driver already supports and I could buy those versus buying sensors and sending you information and hoping you have time to add them to an update.

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