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RadioRA2 Visor Control Receiver - Input support
To get the state of the Contact Closure Inputs (CCI) on the Visor Control Receiver (CCI Input 1 and CCI Input 2), I did the following and got it working by way of a "phantom/virtual" switch in the Lutron software and then adding that switch to CQC in the RadioRA2 driver.
  1. In Design, under Rooms, select Garage

  2. Add an RRD-8NS
    [Image: step01.jpg]

  3. Next, click on Program, and select the Visor Control Receiver

  4. Click on the Input associated with the CCI
    [Image: step02.jpg]

  5. For a garage door CCI, select the "maintained" option for "Input reacts on..."

  6. For "Select input action to program", click on "Close"

    [Image: step03.jpg]

  7. For the Virtual switch, hover over the "OH Door Status" checkbox

    [Image: step04.jpg]

  8. Select the Switch Level On so that On is associated with Close. This would mimic the default Inputs LED status on the Visor Control Receiver. That is, when the CCI is closed, the LED is GREEN. When the CCI is opened, the LED is OFF.

    [Image: step05.jpg]

  9. For "Select input action to program", click on "Open" the OH Door Status check box should already read Off.

  10. You can obviously set the On / Off to your liking, but I am trying to mimic the default LED behavior on the Visor Control Receiver

  11. Next, Click on Transfer and then Start Transfer. You will get a warning about the "Virtual" switch not being activated, which you can ignore.

  12. Open up the Integration Report and find the ID of OH Door Status zone that you just added above

  13. In CQC in the RadioRA2 Driver Client, add a new Switch with the ID from step 12 and save

  14. In CQC in the RadioRA2 Driver you should see the new switch and value. In this case it will read TRUE because we have the switch associations set this way in the Essentials software. You can change this to however you want

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