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[REQUEST] Z-Wave Devices
(01-05-2020, 01:48 PM)Dean Roddey Wrote: What is the set point range for that guy? I notice it only supports heating set point and it doesn't provide any fan mode support, so it won't be a V2 compatible thermo. It also only supports a single device being associated. That's one of those places where using another device as a master that thinks it owns the network can be a problem. If it periodically sets itself as the associated controller, we'll stop seeing reports.

The StelPro t-stat is a Heat only baseboard thermostat.  No fan, no cool.

Range is 41F to 86F

Spec sheet:

Correct it only supports a single association which is a problem in a master/slave setup like CQC is using.  The master controller I've setup currently is a dumb PC controller just like the Vizia controller was so it shouldn't be a problem but I still want to test and see IF it will be a problem or not.  This type of z-wave setup of a slave controller being the actual one doing the work is kinda weird actually.  It works for most devices but there are those that expect to only ever talk with the master and only have single assosciation (life line) capability.

I've been searching for years now for a t-stat for baseboard heaters and the Stelpro is the only z-wave option for baseboard 240v line volt heaters.  There are some ZigBee offerings and then there are WiFi.  

If you add ZigBee support at a very small scale narrow band I'm happy to get a t-stat and work with you on implementation Smile

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