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Clear out all previous ZWave info
Remove the driver. Then go to


where [cqc] is the CQC directory on the machine where the ZWave driver is installed. Delete the Cfg file in there.

Then, when the driver comes up (empty now), do an exclude against the Leviton software to be safe because you need to insure you get back in sync with the security info and it won't do that if it thinks you are already in the network. Then do an include. You should see it go back through the secure inclusion process.

At that point you should be completely clean. If you really want to be extra safe, after removing the driver, stick a pin in the hole on the back of the Z-Stick and hold it for 20 seconds as it blinks faster and faster and then finally goes solid. That does a factory reset.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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