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Alarm Decoder for Ademco Honeywell Vista 20P
(05-21-2019, 04:55 PM)Dean Roddey Wrote: I was looking at the other one, the Developers link, which is an HTTP interface. That one obviously as a lot more info It looks doable. But it'll end up being pretty time consuming, and you may be the only person who ever actually uses it, so I might have to charge you a nominal fee to help offset some of the time spent.

And of course it would have to be remotely available to me for reasonably extended period of time.

Thanks. Any other options for those of us using Ademco Honeywell Vista panels? They are pretty common in new construction from what I have seen.

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RE: Alarm Decoder for Ademco Honeywell Vista 20P - by gReatAutomation - 05-22-2019, 07:26 AM

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