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Audible alerts via TTS or similar
I use to use the TTS option of the IV drive to create voice announcements/alerts in the kitchen when I had a full client running.

Now that the client has passed away and I am using an iPad I am missing that feature and looking for an alternative.

Amazon announced notifications was now an option but that is yet to be implemented into CQC and I am suspecting that I woun't be able to use it because my ISP has me behind a NAT and hence there is no port forwarding options available to me (so my CQC/Echo setup is dead in the water).

What I am thinking is use the existing TTS feature in CQC to output a .wav file to a specific location and then have something play that file.  File name will always be the same.  As to what that something is, I'm thinking a Raspberry Pi with some software installed that is simple and can take a command to play a file - either from a network share or local.

A RPi with a built-in/add-on amp connected to a small speaker (say something like the Elk speaker enclosure) would be small and easy to mount up high out of the way and give me audible alerts.

Dean - is it possible to have the TTS feature in CQC output a wav file?

Anyone know of any software for a Pi or other hardware that may be suitable for this feature?
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home

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Audible alerts via TTS or similar - by znelbok - 04-29-2019, 03:39 PM

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