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template timeouts and LoadOverlay command
I'm just experimenting trying to figure out the best way to have a security camera widget template load into one of 3 overlays I use in my IV and then disappear after a set time.  The idea is that it displays a camera display and then is replaced with my standard template on its' own after a template timeout triggers. 

Now, I already have an inactivity timeout set on my main overlay which fires up a screensaver if certain conditions are met.  This works fine at the moment.  I am trying to have this timeout now also load an overlay as part of my testing but I can't get it to work.  Eventually I will do this a bit different, but need to figure out why I can't update templates on timeout.  So far I have:

on load timeout value set on the overlay (20 secs at present for testing)
on timeout I am targeting one of 3 overlays and trying to load a template:


The above just doesn't seem to want to work for me.  In the Action Trace window I can see the timeout occur and the commands to change the template are shown without error, but the template never actually changes.  Would you have an explanation of what I may be doing wrong here and/or how to accomplish this?  This is tricky to explain so if more details are needed let me know and I can use some pictures to better explain.

I also tried load sibling overlay but that errors out.

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template timeouts and LoadOverlay command - by Shaky - 03-30-2019, 06:51 PM

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