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GetCurMillis immune to system time change?
My system time synced yesterday and the time jumped forward 4seconds.

This dinged my driver which uses Time.GetCurStamp() to calculate CommPort.ReadByte(, WaitFor) times.

If I modify my code to use GetCurMillis  to calculate WaitFor (careful not to get bitten by wrap-around).  Will I be immune to system time changes?

Thanks -- Bob

P.S.  I supposed it is possible that CommPort.ReadByte *itself* will not WaitFor the correct amount of time if there is a system time change, so maybe I'm wasting my time trying to fix this.  I have increased the frequency of time synchronization so hopefully less of a probably anyway...

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GetCurMillis immune to system time change? - by rbroders - 12-05-2018, 02:35 PM

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