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What device model to put for a Jasco/GE switch? And a questions about V1/V2/V3.
So I have a VRC0P with V2 driver. What device model should I put for the Jasco/GE switch?

Also, I know this has been answered before, but it looks like it was before the forum was redone as I cant find the answer. I remember there was a reason why I purchased tow VRC0Ps one for a V1 and the other for a V2. What was the benefit of a V1 driver? And does that still apply?

What should we use the V3 Driver for? I have the USB controller, would that work with it? Any limitations?

Thank you

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What device model to put for a Jasco/GE switch? And a questions about V1/V2/V3. - by ghurty - 05-16-2018, 08:38 PM

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