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IFTT and HTTP Trigger parameter passing setup
Hi Guys,  I need a steer on how to get IFTT to send a URL with a parameter in the HTTP get URL that CQC can parse and use as a variable.  i.e. How can I send something like set volume to 22 and then use one http trigger to get all the range from 0-100 with a variable / action parameter?

I'm stuck on syntax I think and my searching hasn't helped with an answer.  The HTTP trigger driver has mostly generic info on setting up blaster type devices from what I see.

In IFTT I have set up a webhooks configuration with googlehome trigger of say a phrase with a number. The URL field is set as http://ip:port/CQSL1Volume {{NumberField}}   The numberfield portion should contain whatever volume I tell Google to set CQC to.

I am assuming that translates to an actual URL of http://ip:port/CQSL1Volume22  assuming I said set volume to 22.  With that though I don't think CQC sees the 22 as a variable.

I have CQC's http trigger trained on http://ip:port/CQSL1Volume

I'm stuck on what syntax needs to be in the URL following the trigger command to be seen as a parameter.  I think if done right that 22 would then be available within %(LVar:CQCActParm_2) . Is that correct?

I tried just a space after volume with the number and no luck.  Should it be a , # or what is required here?


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IFTT and HTTP Trigger parameter passing setup - by Shaky - 03-09-2018, 02:53 PM

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