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High Level Triggers and Action rules admin screen
Now that V2 has brought some organization to drivers and fields any chance to get a higher level more easy to use global action screen in the Admin Interface?
Using Triggers and Edit Actions gets messy quickly and easy to leave triggers on if you want a bunch of just simple rules.

I only need to evaluate every second or two the status of a device(light,security field,etc) when they transition.
Rules could be very simple like:

if  elk.SEC#Zone_FrontEntryDoor_Status Equals  Not Ready
    Zwave.LGHT#Sw_FrontPorch = ON

If Zwave.LGHT#Sw_livingRoomLight Equals False
     Zwave.LGHT#Sw_Hallway = OFF
     Denon2112.PWR#Main~Power = False
Right now I have a  scheduled events to check for Denon power is off  every 60 minutes and then turn off all the other hardware.
Would be great to have it all in one place(events-triggers,etc)

If Denon2112.PWR#Main~Power = False
    Russound.PWR#Z01 = Off
    Russound.PWR#Z04 = Off

Would be even better if you could turn on or off  for X seconds. (again without having to write a complicated  Schedule item)
Zwave.LGHT#Sw_FrontPorch = ON  for 10 seconds

elk does a pretty good job at letting you write rules all on one screen so something like that would be excellent.

Denon 3808ci, 2112ci ,Sonos, NoVo Grand Concerto, Z-Wave(Lights,Locks), Hue, SmartThings,
iPads,Tivo,Hikvision,Elk-M1,TED5000,Somfy RTS blinds+ZRTSI, Amazon Echos+Dots, Polk XRT12,
Honeywell Wi-Fi 9000, Caleo Wi-Fi Thermostats, Rainmachine

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High Level Triggers and Action rules admin screen - by kfly - 11-01-2017, 04:47 PM

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