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Alexa/Echo: AWS/Lambda config of myCQCHandler test fails

As expected, Amazon has made some changes to both the AWS/Lambda (JS handler) & Developer Console (Alexa Skills) screens since the help documentation was written, including help from prior forum posts.  So I did my best to configure both areas, but Alexa skill testing failed under the Service Simulator using the Utterance...set Volume.  The response I get back is....The remote endpoint could not be called, or the response it returned was invalid.  Note: using the "arn" from Lamda to point new skill in console correctly to handler/JS and pasted the CQC Echo & CQC Echo Skills support files as noted in help doc.

Next, I tried to test the CQCHandler in AWS/Lambda, and fails w/ message:
 "errorMessage": "Exception: TypeError: Cannot read property 'application' of undefined"

The path to test handler above is: Action, Configure Test Event, Sample Event Template, Alexa Smart Home Discovery.
However, if I use these two Sample Event Templates, Alexa Start Session & End Session, it passes these two tests.  All other Sample Event Templates yield a failure message.

In configuration, I selected Runtime as Node js 4.3,  index.handler, & lambda_basic_execution. Not sure I pasted JS properly in code entry:

CODE Entry:

exports.handler = (event, context, callback) => {

    // TODO implement

    callback(null, 'Hello from Lambda');



//  Adjust these values to your specific system


//      HTTPType is either http or https. The latter is MUCH preferred,

//      but it requires that you have a registered security certificate

//      for your web server and configure the CQC web server to use it.


//      The IdKey is just a value that you will configure on the CQC

//      side, to help make sure you are getting a legitimate call from

//      your own Amazon account. Keep in mind though that, if you don't

//      use http, it's sent in the open and anyone could grab it and use it.


// The TarAddr and TarPort are your public address and the HTTP or

// HTTPS port of the web server (usually 80 and 443, but you whatever

// you set up when you installed CQC.)


var CQC_TarAddr = "";

var CQC_TarPort = "80";

var CQC_HTTPType = "http";

var CQC_IdKey = "ABCDEF";


// Route the incoming request based on type (LaunchRequest, IntentRequest,
// etc.) The JSON body of the request is provided in the event parameter.
etc, etc.,,,============================================================.

BTW: I'm a newbie to CQC and just loaded the product a few days ago to evaluate a purchase w/ my existing HA/HomeTheater; i.e., ElkM1Gold/VantageControls (In-Fusion).  I'm not a programmer (hardware guy), but experienced using design tool/programming and GUI touchscreen development from Vantage (Q-link/Infusion), including Elk M1 programming and setting up rules, etc.  So please be gentle!   I can attached screens or logs if needed.

thanks, Ken

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Alexa/Echo: AWS/Lambda config of myCQCHandler test fails - by KenC - 09-26-2017, 10:15 AM

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