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Amazon email re Alexa interface?
I'm sort of guessing nothing will have to change. Node.js is just the javascript library that sits underneath your Javascript on the AWS side. It calls you when requests come in, you process them, and give some info back to be sent back. The use of Node.js is so simple in the basic Javascript used by the Echo skill that it seems sort of unlikely to me that a newer version of node.js would be too likely to break anything.

For those folks who are writing much more complicated AWS Javascript handlers for their own custom uses, you can create them to handle any sort of clients you want, it probably will be a more important thing.

You never indicate in the Javascript what version of node.js you want to use to run it. It's just one of the configuration settings when you set up the AWS side of the skill. So probably you would just go to your skill AWS configuration and where you now have Node.js 1.0 selected, they presumably have the newer version available as an option. Try just selecting the newer one, save the changes, and test the Javascript to make sure it still compiles without any errors. If so, you are probably good, try it and make sure it's still working correctly. Unless the new Node.js version has a breaking change for the simple stuff the skill is doing, it shouldn't make a difference.

It could happen of course.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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