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Version 4.7 released
April 23, 2015 - CQC Version 4.7 Released

Charmed Quark Systems, Ltd. is proud to announce the release of version 4.7 of their CQC automation platform. Version 4.7 is a medium sized release, which we wanted to get out before embarking on some considerably more ambitious changes. The already completed improvements were significant and stable, so it made sense to get them out to customers now instead of waiting.

4.7 Upgrade Guide

Bear in mind that as of 4.7 we no longer support XP and Vista versions of Windows. Windows 7/Server 2008R2 are the new minimal supported versions. This is per our announcement well over a year ago.

Some of more notable changes in this version are:

New Installer. Our old, zip file based, installer was not much loved. So we have replaced it with a new, self-extracting installer, which is much simpler and more convenient to use.

More V2 Drivers. More V2 drivers have been implemented, for the Insteon ISY controller, Nuvo Concerto/Grand Concerto, and Yamaha A/V receivers that support the YNC protocol. The V2 Z-Wave driver has been substantially upgraded and supports more module types.

Event Monitors. We now have a new customization option that is partway between a driver and a triggered event. They run continuously like a
driver, so they can maintain context over time, and they can efficiently monitor an arbitrary list of fields and react to changes. A first working iplementation is available which provides logging of data to the online Thingspeak service.

Persistent/Encrypted Connections. Our web server now
accepts encrypted connections (HTTP and Websockets.) Our web client now supports encrypted and persistent connections to servers, and chunked transfer modes. The Websockets support has also been refined since the original incarnation in 4.6. We can also directly support encrypted e-mail servers as well.

Try It

You can download the new version via the Try/Buy menu item on the web site, and try it out for 40 days. So you can know for sure whether it meets your needs before you commit.

Existing customers covered under the maintenance system can upgrade at their convenience.

Use the web site's Learn menu to learn more about the product. Extensive video and text information is available to help you learn how CQC works and how to get the most out of it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
As is often the case, some issues came up after the initial release, as more people upgraded. The current version is now 4.7.1, and you should see that version when you run the downloaded installer extractor.

If you are using the Leviton V2 Z-Wave driver, you should upgrade because there's a significant issue that could cause CQC to become unresponsive or very slow. Otherwise, only upgrade if you need one of the fixes that were made.

The changes from 4.7.0 are:
  • If you run user interface from within the Admin Interface, media browsing didn't work because the media browsing interface was not being started up within the AI.
  • The V2 Leviton Z-Wave driver now supports the Monoprice 10796 motion/temp sensor.
  • The V2 Leviton Z-Wave driver has a serious issue when you use the unit auto-configuration on a unit that is battery powered. Such units cannot immediately take any commands, so the driver saves them until the unit next wakes up and then sends them. There is an error that causes it to get caught in a loop and queue up a huge number of commands, using up all available process memory and killing CQCServer.
  • There are some other Leviton V2 Z-Wave driver fixes. They are technical but prevent the driver from missing some types of reports from units about changes to their status, or misinterpreting them.
  • The mapped image user interface widget isn't honoring the horz/vert image offsets that have been configured on the widget.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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