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The purpose of this forum area
Ultimately, for CQC to be successful, it is very important that there be more standardization of device classes, so that drivers for each class of device can implement standard functionality that can be depended upon by CQC itself.

Some obvious reasons we need this standardization are:
  • Every customized solution is so hardware specialized that it is more difficult than it should be to swap out a piece of hardware.
  • Any helper functionality that we might create to assist the user in the creation of customized solutions require this sort of standardization, because it's just far, far too complex for them to try to figure out the details otherwise.
  • Solutions generated for the hardware in one room will be easily applied to another room with similar functionality.

In this section, there will be one thread per device class, designed for discussion of how to best create a standardized view of thst particular device class. Only we can create threads, but everyone can contribute opinions. The first post will be used to maintain the latest thinking on class standard so far as the discussion hones the design.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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