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CQC architecture
I am planning my CQC install, and I have a question about architecture for the application.

I have 3 PC's which are candidates for the CQC server:

Machine #1 is my domain controller, and is always on currently. It is a 2.4G P IV with 1GB of ram, Win 2K server. This machine will be upgraded to Win 2003 server as soon as I can find a cheap license...

Machine #2 is my "working" pc. I use this pc for work, and any e-mail or browsing I do from home. It is an older machine, a dual P-III 733 Mhz with 640MB ram, Win XP Pro.

Machine #3 is my HTPC. this is the machine I had planned to install the CQC server on, but after reading some posts, I am having second thoughts. this machine is a P4 2.8G with 1 Gb ram, Win XP pro. it has my 1.5TB drive array and my M-Audio delta 410 card installed. this machine will be responsible for streaming MP3s to my whole house A/V, as well as for streaming movies stored on the array. this machine also

My thoughts were that since I will doing most of the serving for a/v services from the HTPC it would make sense to run the CQC from it. does this makes sense, or will I have issues with performance if I am streaming audio, and maybe a movie on the CQC server?
I can only partially answer your question but maybe it will help. CQC has a very light footprint CPU use wise so has very little impact. I don't stream media but can say that on a machine similar to your server but with less memory and XP Pro I can software playback HDTV with Theatertek and a remote session going without issue. As far as CQC goes it shouldn't matter where you put it. Having the MS on the always on machine is a good idea.

Someone else can likely answer better though if having the CQC MS on a box streaming audio and movies could slow the bus traffic enought to cause issue though. That's where I'd guess there might be an impact if anywhere.

I personally had issues using an AMD3200 w/768MB RAM as my HTPC and CQC Master Server. I do dScaler and some other stuff on that AMD3200, so serving up/editing interfaces and doing the event manager stuff might have pushed it over the edge.

I just moved the "master server" over to an AMD2500 that's also my SageTVServer. The AMD3200 now runs:
- All HTPC stuff.
- All A/V drivers except CQSL Repo. That's Denon3805, Xantech, Polk XM, 2 instances of ZP, M-Audio, JRMC, DVDProfiler, Autopatch, SageTV, TheaterTek, and a few more that i'm blanking on right now.
- 2 HA drivers (Rain8 irrigation, Aprilaire HVAC)

If I were you, i'd make MAchine#1 the "Master Server", and either 1 or 3 as the "A/V CQCServer". CQC is an infinite server license, may as well take advantage of it...
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I would put the CQC MS on the domain server definitely. It will not cause any problems there and that will insure that it's always available and if you move outwards in your automation plans, you won't end up depending on the HTPC to be on all the time. You can run CQCServer (the device control backend part) on the HTPC of course, to handle the HTPC/Theater specific control stuff. CQCServer can be run on multiple machines, so if you later end up with any whole home device control you can run CQCServer on the MS machine or another machine somewhere as required.
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