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Trigger on Russound F1 button

I want to trigger an event from the F1 button on one of my Russound Uno keypads.  How do I do that?  There's a big gulf between what the docs say about the Button events the keypads can generate, and the docs on how to create a triggered event.  When I try to create one, there are several versions of User Actions that I can choose, but then I need to specify a Device and Type.  When I choose my Russound as the device, and a Field as the type, there's nothing there for the F1 button.

Did you add a trigger to the keypad when adding the button in the Client Interface for the driver? If it's like the Lutron driver, there will be an option to add a trigger.

[Image: Capture.jpg]

If so, add the buttons in the Client Interface and select Yes for the trigger. Next, open up the Event Triggers window:

System -> Monitor -> Event Triggers

Finally, push a button on your keypad and watch for the trigger to come through:

[Image: Capture.jpg]

Create a Is User Action For triggered event:

[Image: Capture01.jpg]

In the action, you have to use the information that you saw in the Event Triggers window when pressing the button so you know which button to trigger off of for your particular button.

[Image: Capture02.jpg]
I don't believe it has a client-side interface.  When I right-click on it, it's greyed out.

Ok. Interesting. Can you take a screen shot of the driver interface? That is, double click on the driver and take a screen shot of the screen on the right hand side.
Well, it's 4 screens long, so let's try something simpler first.  In your example above, you have ButtonPress as "Type".  I don't have that option, as far as I know.

Thanks for the pointer for using the System Event Monitor.  I was able to verify that pushing the F1 button generates a unique event.

Never mind - I got it to work. I'm using "Is User Action From", which doesn't require a Type. I assume the only downside is that it will examine a few more actions other than button presses, but that probably won't be an issue. Thanks for the help.

You can look at the generated event in the event monitor and see what the type is, and then add that back in maybe, to make it more efficient. But, since it's filtering for the device already, you'd only get any from that device, which probably wouldn't be many.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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