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Animated PNG
It appears that CQC's interface viewer and WebRIVA do not support animated PNG images (APNG).

I am working on an interface that uses a "split-flap" display to show a clock.

I have attached a PNG file that shows the animation from one value to another. In this case, the letter K changes to L. If you open K_to_L.png in a web browser, you should see a five frame animation of K changing to L, and then staying on L. Hit the browser's refresh to replay the animation.

In CQC, the image stays on K (the first frame), and never transitions to L. I have tried both the IV and WebRIVA.

I did try the CQC animated image, but the framerate is very slow (the PNG is 30 fps), and it cycles continuously rather than ending on the final image.

For the clock, I plan to make images for 00 to 59 with animated transitions for each number change. When this is driven by the current time, when the minute changes the IV can load a new image indexed by the minute, which would animate the flap dropping, and then stay on the last frame until the minute changes again.

Again, with the CQC animated image, it will be more complicated to change the images on each minute change.
It doesn't support animated PNGs, and that would be a considerable amount of work to add.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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