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Getting a Card8 into a Time Format in CML
Can't seem to figure this one out, after perusing the docs - I have a Card8 number that has been converted to the number that CQC wants - i.e. 1552591353 (today at 2:33pm CDT), but can't figure out how to get it into a Time Object.   Surely there is an easy way.  Thanks in advance.
It's the SetFromStamp() method. Though, are you sure that number is a valid 100-ns time stamp from midnight 1/1/70? It looks awfully small. Anyway, just format it back out to make sure you got what you wanted.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks!  That worked. And you were correct, I had a number that was in seconds, not 100 ns.  Added that in and all worked great.

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