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Timed Field Change in Lutron HW8
Yes I think it is On, Off, Flash 1 & Flash 2.  So thanks for the guidance it is now working great.

You had mention earlier to NOT use Fld Value Equals.  Is this ok below if it is part of others or is there a better way?

1) Is Motion Event For (Alarm.MOT#MasterBath_Motion)
2) Is Motion Start
3) Fld Value Equals (Alarm Mode = Night)
4) Unused

Trigger If: All are True

Action Is code from before
It's ok to use field value equals in conjunction with something else. So, if you are triggering on one thing, and the other filters by themselves sufficiently filter the incoming triggers, then it's OK to use it to check the value of some other field, and make sure it has some specific value. Your example is a legitimate one. The other filters make sure it's a motion start for the sensor of choice.

The problem is when folks use it by itself. If you only had filter #3 above. Then every single trigger that occurred would invoke this action if you are night arming mode. So it could just get run relentlessly.

I'm going to put in some extra checks for this.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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