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USB ZWave Controller Configuration
I just got an Aeotec Gen5 usb zwave controller. I added it as a zwave usb driver, but cant seem to get it to learn or display any of my nodes. I added it as a secondary controller using the zensys tool and it worked fine. I then added it to cqc and i could not get it to show anything. I tried learning from cqc but couldnt make it any further. 

CQC shows connected to the device and has details when viewing the driver, but when I go to the client interface, I dont get anything. Edit doesnt do anything, and when I click learn I get an Unhandled exception in GUI Thread "Cannot cast a TStaticText object into a TEntryField object". I have tried resetting and learning using CQC and resetting outside of cqc and learning. 

My primary controller is a SmartThings hub, and I dont seem to have any zwave problems with my VRC0P. I'm on CQC 5.1.4.. 

Hopefully its just something simple I am missing.
The old USB Z-Wave driver is probably not worth messing with. It was only left around in case someone was using, which probably no one is by now and it will likely get dropped soon.

Today, basically it's the VRC0P one you'd need to use. I'm working on a new native USB stick one right now, but until then you'd have to use the VRC0P.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Hey Dean,

Any idea when this new USB ZWave driver might appear?

I began moving away from CQC back in January, largely because I couldn't find a tidy way to integrate ZWave into my system.  I gave up when I didn't get any suggestions re:

If there is a USB ZWave driver close to becoming available, I might dust off my CQC and come back into the fold ;-)  It was pretty painful moving away from CQC after using it for so many years.

Thanks, Neil
I imagine it'll be a month or so before I get a first drop out for folks to play with. It's pretty complex and there will be some other distractions in there as well inevitably. But not terribly long. It may go quicker as well, I'm just being a bit conservative because of the devil in the details thing. I may end up spending a bunch of time on some small thing.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
That sounds good  Smile

Guess I now have a reason to update my maintenance and upgrade to v5 ...

Thanks again,  Neil

Can you give me a quick update on this? 

What hardware are you looking at? 

Has this "USB stick" been implemented yet? 

I have run into a number of seemingly intractable issues. I've muddled through most of them but there is still one that is killing me and I can't figure it out. I ordered another Z-Stick to verify that it's not a hardware problem. I also ordered another lock for the same reason. While the Z-Stick was on order I worked on a client driver for the Lutron RA2/Caseta driver. I've finished that up and some other fixes, and am working on some GUI stuff at the moment. That will be done in a few stages, so once I get this first stage done I'll go back to the Z-Wave driver again, probably in a day or two and see if anything has changed.

The hardware I'm testing on is an Aeotec Z-Stick (Gen5.) That's the only one I would be able to guarantee it works on. But in theory any others that just expose the raw Z-Wave protocol would work.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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