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RE: tray icon keeps disappearing - Shaky - 10-24-2018

This issue is still a problem for me, time to get to the bottom of it. I checked my system 2 days ago and mem usage was at 60% (1.8/3.0GB). Just now I checked and the tray monitor icon disappeared when I went to click on it. Mem usage is the same as it was.

I did the log dump and it only goes back to 3:30 today so I doubt it has the crash in their. Do you want me to send anyhow or just reset and try again? Not sure if I had verbosity up on the tray monitor.

Is there a way to start the tray app back up without a reboot or CQC service recycle?

RE: tray icon keeps disappearing - Dean Roddey - 10-25-2018

If the log dump only goes back that far, then something is logging way too much stuff. It should be good for a week or more under normal conditions. Send me the file and we can maybe get rid of that so that you don't lose the important stuff so quickly, and maybe we can catch it. I made a change a couple months ago that was the only thing I'd yet found that might be an issue, that might cause it to have a problem when invoking external files. I know some folks had an issue there, but I've not really heard back whether that's made a difference for anyone or not.

I don't know if any way to have them automatically re-start or anything. the CQC service has nothing to do with it. But you can of course manually start it up via the Start Menu. Just right click and run it as admin. Of course that will only work if it really is gone, and not just the icon has disappeared. If you don't see it, check the task list and see if CQCTrayMon is in there. If so, kill it, and then you can run it again from the start menu for now to at least get yourself going again.

You don't have iTunes enabled on it do you? Don't do that unless you really have iTunes installed on that machine and set up correctly.

RE: tray icon keeps disappearing - Shaky - 10-25-2018

Thanks Dean, yeah I figured my log file was full of spam basically. My file tag had gone offline so was some of the issue and I have a lot of scheduled/triggered tasks writing to the log so I turned them all off for now. I'll just try and capture a new log instead of bugging you on this one then for now.

No iTunes here so that's good. I'll keep an eye on this now and report back when it goes away again and check if the task is still alive or just the icon gone. I suspect it really is gone away as my IV's are running a remote call to a .exe on the master server for my music zones. (Can't recall what that is officially called, but I think that uses the tray monitor as well.) I always know when the tray dies as I can't turn on music zones from the remote IV's.

RE: tray icon keeps disappearing - Dean Roddey - 10-25-2018

What is the exe doing? Not that we don't need to figure this out, but you could get rid of that if you could just send it a command directly via an action or a driver.

RE: tray icon keeps disappearing - Shaky - 10-25-2018

It's a little utility that interfaces to the sound card in the master server. It's part of the KXaudio driver suite that is kind of an aftermarket driver for older Soundblasters.  I use it because I can configure the DSP to provide 4 discrete outs (2 are digital) off one soundblaster card. It can also have 4 discrete inputs so it's a bit like a sound matrix switcher.  The .exe can interact with the DSP and turn on or off various inputs/zones etc.
So I use it like this to route source 1 to zone 1 basically: System::StartRemApp
   P2=C:\\Program Files\\kX Audio Driver\\3550\\kxctrl.exe
   P3=-sg 9 8003 0x11111111

I suppose a proper driver would be the way to go and that way you could probably tell what was on and off too but never saw the need.  I just manually keep track of things with variables and it's worked well for years. I used to run all my IV's cloned from one VGA output on the master server so could use the execapp command.  I recently started using IV's on separate machines so had to start using startremapp instead which is where I noticed this issue pop up. I didn't know of a way to get the master server to use the exe on itself via a remote IV.  Right now I just have a bunch of global actions that turn on & off zones/inputs that I can call based off zone buttons and selected sources.

If you have any suggestions let me know.  I'd somehow have to run the .exe on the master server via a button in the IV from a remote client.  Not sure how to do that without startremapp. (without writing a driver).

RE: tray icon keeps disappearing - Dean Roddey - 10-26-2018

Well, at least we know, if that's all you are using it for, that it has to be something related to execution of an external program that's causing the problem, or one thing that can cause a problem.

RE: tray icon keeps disappearing - Shaky - 11-17-2018

OK, so whatever goes on to crash the tray has happened, but tough to say when.  would have been within the last 2 days.  The server rebooted a couple days back, I may have forgot to kick the tray monitor logs to high though after.  I watched it daily for some time without any trouble and of course when I slack off it happens...

CQCtraymon.exe is not in the list of running items from task manager.  

There's a couple odd things in my log file. Seems my elk lost comms for a bit.   CQCDrv_Audio1Thread3 being one other odd error.  I think that is the Shoutcast part of the old squeezeserver driver.  I was browsing that on the iv when I noticed music amps wouldn't switch on which uses the tray monitor remote app feature. 

anyway, maybe have a quick peak. Not convinced anything is in there that will help yet but if so let me know.  I will email the log to you.

RE: tray icon keeps disappearing - Dean Roddey - 11-17-2018

Nothing in there that's useful. Oh well, I'll go back again and at least see if I can get some more strategic logging in there, to help us get a clue what is going on.

You are still having the issue with the web cameras as well.

RE: tray icon keeps disappearing - Dean Roddey - 11-20-2018

Give 5.3.915 a try. I think I may have found out what was going on. I can't say for sure, but it was awfully suspicious.

RE: tray icon keeps disappearing - kfly - 11-20-2018

(11-20-2018, 01:42 PM)Dean Roddey Wrote: Give 5.3.915 a try. I think I may have found out what was going on. I can't say for sure, but it was awfully suspicious.

Thanks!!. I can go about a week without the Tray Icon going mia. Will keep you posted.