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Why I hate upgrading - znelbok - 01-02-2016

Bit the bullet today and decided to upgrade - what a mistake.

Lots of drivers not working - MyMovies is failing, MyMusic looks like it stopped (file tag repo - maybe too big a collection).

The biggest concern is that the C-Bus lighting driver failed and its an encrypted driver with the owner no longer available to fix it.

Not sure how to proceed here now - Do I stay with this and spend an entire day fixing it (hopefuly) and not use the lighting driver any more?

I gotta say - upgrades suck big time 'cause they are always painful for me.

Why I hate upgrading - Dean Roddey - 01-02-2016

Is 'lots' those three, or are there more? MyMovies is the actual MyMovies driver? If you haven't upgraded in a while you may also need to upgrade MyMovies since they of course change the database format periodically and we have to keep up. So we may be dealing with a later version than you have.

What's MyMusic?

On the C-Bus, I'm not sure. If you put into verbose mode, what's showing up in the logs? For that matter, for what's showing up in general for the other ones as well. It sometimes is just trivial things that have to be dealt with.

Did you change hardware along the way or anything like that?

Why I hate upgrading - Dean Roddey - 01-02-2016

Looks like you are coming from 4.4, which is a pretty big jump, so it's not too surprising that there would be some surprises. It may well be that you will need to upgrade MyMovies since I'm pretty sure since then they have changed the format a couple times.

The C-Bus driver may be getting bitten by the changes in socket binding. It's unfortunate that had to be done, but ultimately we had to do it because it was bad and it would have just continued getting worse. Check the logs and if it's failing to compile the CML and complaining about a socket binding call, that's the issue, so let know. Well, let me know either way what it's logging.

Why I hate upgrading - Dean Roddey - 01-02-2016

Worst case, if the C-Bus driver really has been hit by the socket binding thing, then I might be able to put in a hack to work around it. Have you looked at the other C-Bus driver as an alternative?

Why I hate upgrading - znelbok - 01-02-2016

Just one of those issues is hours and hours of work just to fix. There are more, but minor in comparison.

The C-Bus driver is reporting
CQCKit, CQCDriver_DriverBase.cpp.6812, Failed/Type Match, Error: 2015/0/0
Field 'lighting.$BadMsg' was accessed as a MEng.Boolean type, but it's type is MEng.Card4

Why I hate upgrading - Dean Roddey - 01-02-2016

That would mean that the C-Bus driver didn't register one or more of the fields, and so the field id was left at zero, and that's the id of the $BadMsg counter field since it's always first in the list. I'm struggling a bit to figure out how that would have changed, unless it's perhaps that he had goober like a duplicate field name, which wasn't being caught before and now is. Hmmm... I'll have to think on that one.

Why I hate upgrading - znelbok - 01-02-2016

So I got lucky to an extent. I have a copy of the code, but not sure how old it is - its pretty recent (in terms of the driver).

I have re-compiled it and its still failing with the same message

Why I hate upgrading - Dean Roddey - 01-02-2016

Look for where it's setting the fields (SetFields() method) and put a break point there and run to that. Then step over that and see if it throws. If so, then there's something wrong with the fields being passed in and we can look at that. He may have a duplicate field name or something, which used to not get caught.

Why I hate upgrading - znelbok - 01-02-2016

File Tag Media Repsoitory

The driver is trying to load and reports in the log server Repository MyMusic was dropped.

01/03 10:52:51-Zeus01, CQCClService, RepoCacher_MyMusic
CQCClService, CQCClService_ThisFacility.cpp.743, Failed/Data Format
Exception downloading image data. Repo=MyMusic
C:\Program Files (x86)\CQC\CQCData\Client\Data\MediaCache\MyMusic\B8507F90-B422E747-5A97BA82-91BB87DF-E01B9CCA_Lrg.jpg
01/03 10:52:51-WIN-VQP8I93S810, CQCClService, RepoCacher_MyMusic
CIDImage, CIDImgFact_ThisFacility.cpp.171, Failed/Data Format, Error: 1000/0/0
The image type is uknown
<CQCClService> CIDImgFact_ThisFacility.cpp - 231
<CQCClService> CQCClService_ThisFacility.cpp - 737


Why I hate upgrading - Dean Roddey - 01-02-2016

That's not a driver failing. It's the client service, which pre-downloads media data to the clients, choking on an image that may be munged or something.It shouldn't cause any issues, other than that bit of art won't be available for browsing purposes.

It shouldn't be enough to stop the download or to make the cacher drop the repo totally. Of course it'll just continue trying, so if it is failing it'll continue to fail. But a bad image shouldn't be enough to do that.