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Windows 10 no-go :( - LesAuber - 08-19-2015

Well W10 is gone theoretically at least. Not sure if there are any hooks left into the system. Operation was painless so far.

If anyone else goes this route one step in the are you sure, are you really sure routine is why you're going back. One of the options is other with a fill in. I'd suggest filling this in if you have concerns similar to mine. One thing I forgot to include was how well hidden the let my PC be part of the M$ update network using my bandwidth too.

Windows 10 no-go :( - kblagron - 08-19-2015

I put it on one of my computers, and am taking it off now as I type. I am sure I will get used to the interface over time (which is the main reason I am going back), but as long as my company is on Win7, why would I need to jump to it, unless it gets retired. I am not sure MS has put out a retirement date for Win7, but for what I do, Win7 does all that I need.

Reading the article that Dean linked to that showed how the company is essentially exposing you to way to many possible hacks(which could be happening now anyway based on all the hacks you hear about in the news), but it does kind of make you wonder where we are headed.

Windows 10 no-go :( - Dean Roddey - 08-20-2015

I've been slowly learning Win10 on the Surface. It's quite different for me particularly, coming all the way from Win7 and never having used 8.x at all. I don't find it to be a problem so far, other than me just not being used to it and having to figure out where stuff is.

I have noticed that, upon first power up, on my Surface anyway, it's fairly useless for anything web related for a good while. It boots almost instantly but it will be piggy slow initially for network stuff. This may be partly because I really turn it off, not just put it to sleep.

And I'm pretty sure it's partly because I've been playing around with it before going to sleep and the bedroom as at the far end of the trailer from the router. I brought up the network connection page last night and it was bouncing around around from 30'something Mb/s to 80'ish. Anything that's trying to gauge how far ahead to buffer would probably be getting messed up. If I picked it up and walk towards the router it goes up to 150'ish by the time i get there. So it's dropping off a lot. The router isn't in the best position. I may try to get it up a bit higher.

But, anyhoo, I don't find Windows 10 itself to be an issue. Oh, I did have an updates anomoly as well. I went to shut it off, and it wouldn't wake the screen back up, respond to the power button, or keyboard. I was starting to think it was broken, then it suddenly came on in the middle of installing updates. So apparently if it's starts the initial update preparation phase while the screen is off, it won't respond until it gets to the actual installing phase.

Windows 10 no-go :( - RichardU - 08-20-2015

If you right-click on the start button, it brings up things more familiar to Win7 users.

Windows 10 no-go :( - Dean Roddey - 08-20-2015

Yeh, I was poking around in there last night, and finding things like the task list and and management console.

Windows 10 no-go :( - wuench - 08-21-2015

I switched back to local accounts because of all this and blocked an address for "bingbot" on my router. It didnt' seem to cause any impact, but my machine was constantly hitting that MS address. It probably doesn't matter because my machine was already leaking like a sieve to Google, Dropbox, and other MS addresses. I am sure it's ok as Win10Pro would have to be functional on a corporate network without INET access.

I originally had tried an MS account to play with Cortana but I found after the shine wore off I wasn't really using VR.

The start menu is ok, it's a little sloppy due to the conversion. But I like that you can set the icons to small and add your favorite shortcuts. I haven't really found any widgets I want in the store yet. I absolutely hate that I can't alt-tab to the desktop anymore, sometimes when I am playing a fullscreen game, while on a call or something, I would alt-tab real quick to switch back to check something. I guess we are supposed to Win-Tab now?

Windows 10 no-go :( - Dean Roddey - 08-21-2015

It looks like bingbot is a crawler. You sure it wasn't bingbot hitting your machine instead of the other way around? It would be somewhat ominous if Windows 10 were proactively sending things to such a server. If you had exposed port 80, it would probably start getting hit by such crawlers.

Windows 10 no-go :( - wuench - 08-21-2015

No that machine is not exposed inbound (no port forwards) and is not running a web server or any server services. It is just my desktop/gaming machine. So yeah that is even more concerning now that you say that is the bing web crawler....

This is the IP

Windows 10 no-go :( - Dean Roddey - 08-21-2015

Oh, so it's using that to figure out your geo-location presumably, based on your IP?

Windows 10 no-go :( - Dean Roddey - 08-21-2015

I seem to remember that one of the privacy options was whether it would do geo-location stuff. Did you disable that?