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BluRay Player? - jkmonroe - 06-28-2015

I am finally going to break down and grab a BR player. Are there any that will report the media that is currently loaded?

I would like to get one that can report its status like play/pause/stopped, but also read the disc so you know what is playing or about to be played and provide time info for an elapsed time/total time display.

Of my wish list, I assume anything controllable gives playback status, so I will say that media ID is more important than time info. Anything like this exist?

BluRay Player? - ellisr63 - 06-29-2015

I have the Oppo 103, and it is great... current driver doesnt work with it though as it has lan control instead of serial, Using the free android app gives me all the control I need.

BluRay Player? - jkmonroe - 06-29-2015

i read the manual for it and it doesn't indicate that it will provide any media information. is that accurate?

id really like to be able to load up a movie and have CQC know what movie was loaded. maybe shoot off some notifications that X will start in Y minutes, or get one of those 'Now Playing' electronic posters that could update with what's loaded.

BluRay Player? - Dean Roddey - 06-29-2015

I don't think any of them will do that. Generally you have to start it from CQC in order to get the metadata from a media repo driver. Software based players are more likely to do that, since it requires going to the net to get metadata.

BluRay Player? - pjgregory - 06-29-2015

I have the Oppo 103 and can also recommend it highly for video and audio quality. For me, living in Italy, it is also the only player I know of that can be chipped to play both DVD AND Blu-Ray region free.

I use the RS232 driver, which will give you track time, total time etc. It will also tell you what type of disk is inserted, but not the content. As Dean says, you would have to have some sort of meta data repository for that. I do not know of any hardware player that will look up the required information on the web directly.


BluRay Player? - jkmonroe - 06-30-2015

The Sony BDP-CX7000ES could do it, so I am hopeful that there will be a single disc player that can do the same thing.

The new line of Sony's, the BDP-SXXXX are all controllable via IP, so I am hoping maybe there is something there. They are relatively inexpensive, so I might grab one to test out, but there are a few others things that need to get done first.

I guess if nothing does what I want, the Oppo would be as good a choice as any.

BluRay Player? - znelbok - 06-30-2015

Is there a protocol document for the Sony players?

I rarely use a disc player, but having one is handy but it must be able to be integrated into the house

BluRay Player? - jkmonroe - 06-30-2015

ive not found a document for any of the new SXXX models yet. there is one for the CX700 here: