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Voice Recognition? - jkmonroe - 12-10-2006

IVB and I have been tossing idears back and forth about how to do VR, but I am now wholly confused. How would CQC understand the commands that were given? There arent really any VR devices since youd just use a mixture of mic's and mixers. Is there a way, or will there be a way to interface this type of system?

Voice Recognition? - Dean Roddey - 12-10-2006

I think that it doesn't make a lot of sense to look into this until we move to Vista. TTS has been pretty straightforward for a while, because there's a standard Windows API to do it, and anyone can make their TTS engine available by plugging it into the Windows API. That's not been the case with VR, but as I understand it that is now provided in Vista. At that point, we should be able to write a single VR interface for CQC and have it work as easily as with TTS.

Voice Recognition? - jkmonroe - 12-10-2006

Got ya. We need to wait for the VR API to become available to third parties before we can get it integrated. That will be great, because I use the VR on my tablet PC *all-the-damn-time* with very few mistakes. I wasnt sure if it could be done with third party stuff or not. Thanks for the answer.

Voice Recognition? - LesAuber - 12-10-2006

Sounds like a useful feature. Simple things like play, pause, lights would be nice and add a bit to the wow factor.

Voice Recognition? - jkmonroe - 12-10-2006

yeah, with the gating on the mixer, you wont even need to specify a room. i can see it being useful when watching a movie or if you have your hands full carrying in groceries or late at night when you wake up to go pee. Smile

Voice Recognition? - Dean Roddey - 12-10-2006

I don't think it works very well when watching a movie since you are often in a high noise environment in that case. From what I've heard from people who have put in a lot of effort to implement VR, it's really not that great and even they tend to see it as a fairly limited feature.

Voice Recognition? - IVB - 12-10-2006

yeah, i'm looking for more like in the entryway ('lights on') or when there's little ambient noise ('music on').

For high noise, i wonder if there's some form of telephone integration that would be possible in the future, ie pick up the phone for VR.

Voice Recognition? - jkmonroe - 12-10-2006

thats the neat benefit of some of the pro-audio gear that i have access to. all of your audio sources plug into the mixer which cancels them out. so when you talk, all that the mixer picks up is your voice. we use a lot of it at my familys radio station. its what allows the personalities to listen to the feed on a monitor and talk into the mic at the same time without feedback or echos. it is certainly possible with the right equipment but will probably not work with just a mic into a sound card Smile

Voice Recognition? - beelzerob - 12-11-2006

LesAuber Wrote:Sounds like a useful feature. Simple things like play, pause, lights would be nice and add a bit to the wow factor.

I'm certain that all I could ever really use my VR for would be "Shields up!"

Voice Recognition? - Ripper - 12-11-2006

Daily the wife says something like "You left you office light on" , I usually then say "Computer... lights off!" ..of course it doesnt work and I tell her it will one day..she doesnt seem to be laughing at the joke anymore :-)