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Tasker Question - jbh5000 - 12-24-2013

Ok so I have some time off for the holidays and have been playing a bit with the system.

I have tasker successfully sending commands to CQC via HTTP trigger driver. Works great.

My question is, does anyone have a way to have tasker get data from CQC?

If anyone can point me to some info or documentation that would be great.

Example use would be for me to ask tasker "what is the temperature of the 2nd floor thermostat". I can then have tasker execute an action to CQC but is there a way for tasker to receive the value of a field/variable from CQC?

Tasker Question - IVB - 12-24-2013

Tasker Question - jbh5000 - 12-25-2013

Thanks for the direction, not sure how I missed that.

I figured out a 2nd way that was a PIA....I built an HTML page on CQCWebServer with my data. Then had tasker load the page and copy to variable in tasker, then parse the page text for the data I need.

Tasker Question - wuench - 12-26-2013

Doing it via the web page is actually more efficient if you want two-way control. The HTTP trigger driver is only one way, and if you use Autoremote to reply there is a noticeable delay. With the webserver you can send the reply immediately.

I thought about that too, but it is a little more complicated to setup...