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Insteon Hub 2242? - jkmonroe - 12-02-2013

This looks pretty cool. Is/will it be CQC compatible? I am leaning heavily towards Insteon as I can get lights/sensors/cameras/thermo to all be compatible, and this device looks like it integrates them all pretty seamlessly. It also happens to be 1/3 the price of the ISY.

EDIT: Dammit, I put the wrong number in the title and can't figure out how to edit.

Insteon Hub 2242? - Dean Roddey - 12-02-2013

I changed it for you.

Insteon Hub 2242? - jkmonroe - 12-02-2013

hahah. thanks :-D

Insteon Hub 2242? - jkmonroe - 12-03-2013

So no one has this thing yet? They sell it at best buy for $100. Obviously it has some level of control because it interfaces with mobile apps, but it uses a 'cloud' solution, so the device itself may not be accessible.

However, my guess is that the 'cloud' logon does nothing more than tell you what IP your device is running behind, sort of a dyndns, and that we should be able to talk with it over HTTP (I am guessing).

Insteon Hub 2242? - karenlee - 12-05-2013

I've just ordered one of these myself, so I'm interested in the answer to your question too...

Insteon Hub 2242? - jkmonroe - 12-06-2013

I have read on the HS that the Insteon Plugin for HomeSeer was updated to support this. According to the plugin author, the device responds to PLM commands, and instead of using a serial port, you just use an IP address.

If that is the case, I might pick one up as well and investigate getting a driver written, or perhaps seeing if we could modify the PLM driver to point to an IP instead of a serial port.

But I am not sure, and I also don't have one yet for testing.

Insteon Hub 2242? - jkmonroe - 12-07-2013

I bought one of these today. Got it plugged in, configured, and working in all of 5 minutes. Super easy, and the mobile app is actually pretty cool.

I have posted in the Beta Drivers forum to see about getting a driver done since this responds to PLM version 9C over IP.

Insteon Hub 2242? - karenlee - 12-08-2013

That's good to hear! Mine arrives tomorrow - probably won't have time to do anything until next Saturday though. What components did you order? I've ordered a plug unit, a door sensor and a motion sensor to get started.

Insteon Hub 2242? - jkmonroe - 12-08-2013

I picked up the 'Starter Kit' at a local Best Buy. It came with the Hub and 2 Lamp Modules. I will be very interested to hear about your motion/door sensors. Those are goign to be pretty critical to my imagined setup. FYI, it also controls x10 devices.

Insteon Hub 2242? - karenlee - 12-15-2013

OK, got mine all set up now! Works great! I have 3 x lamp modules (Christmas tree, xmas stair lights, coffee machine), a door sensor module (detects when the TV Lift door opens and closes) and the motion sensor and a micro module switch (the two control the bathroom light).

They all work perfectly! I'm playing with the Kinect voice activation, which is pretty cool but not perfect.

I have a scene on the TV lift, where the sensor triggers the Xmas tree and stair lights to switch off if the lid closes after 10pm.

Insteon sends text and email alerts on any device where you select the 'notify' option.

ETA: schedules to turn the lights on and off are set directly on the hub web interface as the iphone app only allows 1 schedule per device, which is pretty limiting.